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30 years ago, Nutritech was founded out of a passion for sports nutrition. We strive for perfect products, we constantly reset the standards to get as close to perfection as possible. We believe that every athlete should benefit from supplements that inspire, nourish and support a stronger physique at all costs.

For those who seek the best in themselves, Nutritech offers an innovative line of performance supplements to meet the needs of everyone from fitness beginners to elite athletes who train to improve their strength, endurance and power and maintain their competitive edge. The feedback we get from our customers is very important and is used in our product development. This has been our motto since the beginning.


We are constantly looking for new techniques and better ingredients to develop new formulas. Thanks to our suppliers and new science, our formulas are becoming more effective. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of research to develop supplements that deliver better results for our consumers and improve their quality of life.



Our standard is to consistently deliver safe, effective and trustworthy products that meet consumer expectations. Our quality assurance is comprehensive and industry leading. We conduct strict quality controls throughout the process; from extensive screening of our suppliers' qualifications to sourcing the very best ingredients.



People make things happen at Nutritech. Our employees deliver high quality products, create cost effective solutions, improve our processes and support our environment. To support them, we maintain an environment based on integrity, respect and responsibility.


Customer Service

Our focus is to develop strong relationships with our customers and nurture a well-functioning work environment with a strong commitment to customer service.


Cost effectiveness

Nutritech carefully manages the costs of producing our products as well as our purchased goods and services. By focusing on the right aspects and executing them in the right way, we make the best use of our resources to deliver the highest quality products at an affordable price.