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High Protein Pudding

This pudding will satisfy your sweet tooth and hunger while providing great quality nutrition. Each serving delivers a easy to digest , high quality protein mix, with a high dosage of branched chain amino acids.

One serving of High Protein Pudding give you only 144 Kcal with almost 22 gr of superior protein and 14 gr of polysaccharides. Less than 1 gr of fat and no simple sugars. A perfect protein snack.

Available in a pot of 450 g (11 servings).


    • 22 gr high quality protein
    • 4300 mg BCAA's
    • Delicious taste, easy to make
    • Zero sugar
    • No aspartame

    Milk protein isolate (milk), starch (E1442), skimmed milk powder (milk), whey protein concentrate (soy, milk), whey protein isolate  (soymilk), guar gum & xanthan gum (thickening agents), flavour, beta-carotene (E160a(iii)) (colouring), sucralose (sweetener), acesulfame-K (sweetener).


    Milk protein isolate (milk), Starch (E1442), cocoa powder 20-22%, skimmed milk powder (milk), chocolate flavour, whey protein concentrate  (soymilk), whey protein isolate  (soymilk), guar gum & xanthan gum (thickening agents), sucralose (sweetener), acesulfame-K (sweetener).

    Energy (KJ) 1529.70 611.88
    Energy (Kcal) 360.54 144.22
    Fat 0.96 g 0.38 g
    ▶  of which saturated fatty acids 0.62 g 0.25 g
    Carbohydrates 36.66 g 14.66 g
    ▶  of which Sugar 8.56 g 3.43 g
    Fibres 0.45 g 0.18 g
    Protein 53.19 g 21.30 g
    Salt 0.39 g 0.15 g
    Calcium 1263.10 mg 505.27 mg
    Phosphorus 100 mg 40 mg

    Allergen information

    Milk, soy, cocoa. Manufactured in a facility that processes milk, soy, shellfish, egg, peanuts, nuts and wheat.

  • Mix 40 g powder (2 scoops) with 250 ml skimmed milk or water. Shake well for 1 minute and keep in refrigerator for 2 hours. Needs to be consumed lastly 48 hours after preparation.